In North Carolina, it is illegal to keep any wildlife without a permit and North Carolina prohibits any native wildlife being kept as pets.
Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary is a USDA licensed facility and provides rehabilitation for wildlife in Western North Carolina. Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary has the resources to provide care for small mammals, birds, reptiles and some other species until the animal can be released.
It is common to come across native wildlife, especially in the spring, and while some wildlife need human intervention, the vast majority are doing just fine on their own.
These are signs that wildlife need your help:
  • A cat or dog brought them home
  • There is evidence of bleeding
  • There is an apparent or obvious broken limb
  • They are featherless or nearly featherless and on the ground
  • Shivering
  • There is a dead parent nearby
  • They have been crying and or wandering alone for more than 12 hours

Babies of some species are left alone all day and rely on camouflage for protection, while others are tightly supervised by  their parent(s).
If you think you have spotted baby wildlife in need, DO NOT TOUCH. Watch and observe. If it is in obvious distress, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area for further instructions. Each species and age of animal have their own specific needs. Sometimes, mama is very close by but is afraid to come get her baby back with humans around. Leave the baby for a bit and see if it is still there when you come back. If a baby is alone after dusk, it probably needs assistance.
USE CAUTION- Adult wildlife have the potential to be raging balls of fur, nails and teeth when bothered by humans and even the tiniest of animals have very shart teeth and will use them when frightened. Don't underestimate the strength of any animal, and always remember that some wildlife carry potential harful diseases that can affect human and pet populations. If the animal in distress is an adult, contact a licensed wildlife removal company or your local animal control.